Villa Eva and Villa Georgia

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Holiday is the time when you want seclusion and tranquility to the peace charge the batteries on the all next year. One of the best ways to achieve is to rent a villa with swimming pool. Villa Eva and Villa Georgia are two luxury villas part of the hotel Bella Mare on the green island Corfu. Each of them have luxurious furnishings, entire kitchen, beautiful garden, private pool, huge terrace with amazing views of the beach and the nearby surrounding hills .If you leased to private Ville you have to spend the guarantees time with his family or friends in the most luxurious style in a pr...

Hotel next to Avlaki beach

If you are in Bella Mare hotel and you looking at the the window , you see small Avlaki beach , green hills , white boats floating on the sea , beautiful garden next to swimming pools and you wonder what do you can to do in so a beautiful island as Corfu?. Just lying on the sea? Relaxing with your drink in pool bar? swimming on the pools? playing in tennis-table ?or you want to calm down at the computer in the hotel lobby lounge? maybe working in in the nearby area in the beautiful garden?. In Bella Mare hotel you can find the best way to spend your time without leaving hotel.


Angelocastro is one of the most interesting  Byzantine castles in Greece , It is located at the top of the highest peak of the island’s , in the northwest coast, near Palaiokastritsa , on the top of a rock rising 305 m above the sea, from which you can admire a wonderful view of the all the Island. The castle also known as “Castle of Angels” or “Angeles’s castle” , formed a defensive triangle with the castles of Gardiki and Kassiopi.The primary  reason why the fort was built was to shield the inhabitants from pirate attacks.  The Castle    served its function in 1403 when the inhabitants ...

Kassiopi Castle

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Another  interesting building is the Kassiopi Castle , located on the northeast coast of the island  formed a defensive triangle together with Angelokastro and Gardikiis.The Castle had  an important vantage point and strategic significance, because was used for observations on the Corfu channel that separated the island from the mainland. The exact time in which the castle was built is not known , but bronze coins were found from the reigns of Byzantine emperors Maurice(582-602 AD) and Basil (976-1025). Unfortunately in 1081 the castle was captured by Count Bohemund of Taranto at the time of t...

Gardiki Castle

Gardiki Castle is the Byzantine castle located on the hill ,near of the village Agios Matthaios, on the southwestern coast of Corfu. The castle dates from the XIII century and It was built by a ruler of the Despotate of Epirus (by Michael I Komnenos or his son Michael II Komnenos, sentences of historians are divided). According to history Gardiki was one of three castles which defended the island before the Venetian era (1401–1797). It is located in a so-called defensive triangle formed Gardiki guarding the island’s south, Angelocastro the northwest and Kassiopi Castle the northeast. Construct...

Pelekas village .

Pelekas is a beautiful picturesque village situated on a hillside at a height 270 meters, where there are the remains of the famous Kaiser  Throne .As a story Kaiser Wilhelm II spent his holidays here in 1908, and fell in love the place that built the “Throne” here - this is a building resembling a huge balcony with a spectacular view overlooking the island    story Kaiser Wilhelm II spent his holidays here in 1908, and fell in love the place that built the “Throne” here - this is a building resembling a huge balcony with a spectacular view overlooking the island   (more…)