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{:en}CORFU-HOTEL Welcome to Corfu Hotel’s Articles ! If you found yourself checking our website, probably you are considering about your holidays . Corfu is an excellent choice. It’s not just the crystal clear blue sea, the most beautiful beaches of the world but it also an island of the highest standards in Europe .This amazing corner of the world gives you what Greece has best to offer the ancient buildings, the historic village, the tasty Greek cuisine and modern tourist resorts with amazing sea views. But with all the talk about Corfu in the articles, who knows better than the inhabitants of the island. Residents of the island will help you to choose the most attractive place of your vacation, they will show you the most interesting places and advice you about places to visit and where you can enjoy an excellent meal. Have a nice reading and we hope that our web site will provide you useful information in order to get the best experience out of your Corfu vacations, and choose the best hotel for you{:}{:pl}hnknlkmlkmlm;l,;l,,,,,,,, hnnfvmjvmkbjjfjgkblhlhljlmn, mjdhfnvbm m,b,b,bv,bv,b,vb.v{:}