Corfu is a green island with wonderful unusual species of plants and animals, while as a guest on the island is worth looking at this amazing creation. it might be the only chance to see how they cope in their natural environment.

 One such creature is the Hummingbird Hawkmoth, a butterfly whose behavior is reminiscent of Hummingbird, I was convinced that I sow a sweet  corfu hotellittle bird  whose spout is turned in the shape of a small trumpet collecting nectar from flowers, moving orange flap with a span of 50 mm.It  made ​​a huge impression on me .

Balkan Green Lizard, is a beautiful green lizard with a yellow belly, It can measurecorfuhotel up to 60 centimeters (including the tail), agile, and because of that it is not easy to be photographed, but with a little luck, you can see it basking in the sun.

 Laudakia stellio or Stellagama stellio, is an amazing lizard with a strong physique, about 40 cm length. The color of this animal is individually and varies in relation to temperature and mood. The back is usually black, yellow or  burgundy with dark transverse stripes.

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Hermans Tortoises, are sympathetic tortoises, with body length of 30 cm, and weight 1kg. the dark – brown speckles Tortoises are diurnal and in an extremely hot day in August they bury in the sand or in the grass.It is a protected species.corfu hotel

When talking about the wonderful residents of the island we can not forget to mention the dolphins, which can be seen here swim free in the blue waters of the Ionian sea.

corfu hotelThis are just some of the inhabitants of this beautiful green island, which is worth exploring during your stay.


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