That of kind delicious dish you can find in hotel’s restaurant?
If you are first time in Corfu or Greece it is very good to knows what tip of dishes is better for me More hotels in Corfu have restaurant in hotels area, or have delivery system.
Regardless of preferring food you can find your lovely dishs.

If you are vegetarian and you prefer light food you must try Kolokitokieftedes this is light hops with zucchini corfu-hotels-foodfeta , Dolmathakia namely rolls with rice and grape leaves or Eggplant baked with tomato and feta and Feta Psiti which means stewed feta cheese in many ways.
For lovers of oily food we recommend souvlaki , what is this? It is type of fast food it is a gyros with pigmeator poultry with cheeps wrapped in a roll of bread.corfu-hotels-food
Those who kept prefer local kitchens we recommend Musakas, Paputsakia (eggplants shoes), Octopus with pasta or corfu-hotel-foodGiemista . Is worth ask to waiter what recommend the Chef and will find the best dish for you.
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