Summer vacations time  is the best time of the year.This is the time where we recharge the battery for all the year and for all we need relax and repose. Which is the best place for relaxing vacations? I thing that such a place must be family friendly and not besieged by tourists. This place should be far from the center but near to bus stations or to a harbor, because is very important to move freely, without stress.

How to choose a good hotel in Greece?

1.First check, in which year the hotel was built , this is very important  because older hotels have problem with moisture  and can have ugly small insects. If you have a choice of 3 * hotel built in 2007 and 3 * hotel built in 1980, better to choose the first hotel .

  1. Take advantage of Google Maps and Google Street View to see the exact location of the hotel. You’ll be sure about the hotel’s location .
  2. Keep in your mind that all inclusive hotel in Greece that are below  4 * are not really all-inclusive! Read carefully the hotel`s brochure !
  3. Go to Google Images and search galleries made by tourists, which were created in the last year, and you are will have a true picture of the hotel and its surrounding area.
  4. Consider the option of bed & breakfast (breakfast only) or a studio room with kitchen. Obviously I do not encourage for everyday cooking instead of tasting Greek cuisine, but just prepare small snacks and soft drinks .

You can check  Corfu Hotel Bella Mare and  use the Virtual Tour to get a real picture of the hotel as if you were there.

corfu hotel

corfu hotel Bella Mare

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