Glyko Glyko is located in Liapades village 18 km from the main city of Corfu and the mane means sweet beach. This is beautiful small beach surrounded lush greenery and rocks. To the beach runs several stone steps, hidden among the trees. The mysterious nook and cranny made the beach especial place for lovers.








Kouloura Kouloura is located in north east part of the island , this is picturesque harbour for small boats also beautiful beach .Kouloura is in the shape of a semicircle and surrounded by trees It looks very romantic places .









Pelekas village. This amazing village is located high up in the mountains at 270 meters above sea level. Also where in located the famous ‘Kaiser Throne ‘. In this place you can see the a breathtaking view on the all island ,and at night you can see amazing dance skylights.








Avlaki beach Avlaki is tiny beach located in north side of the island wit beautiful view on the hills . This is no crowded place ,in Avlaki you can sped very romantic and relaxing time.









 Spianada Square Spianada is a large square between Old Castle and Corfu town .This is probably the largest square of the Europe. This place is a large park with greenery, benches, fountains and historic statues. Also in Spianada Square you can eat romantic dish or drink café in picturesque eatery.Also This romantic places is a meeting place for couples.


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