8.Corfu is one of the most tourist islands of Greece , because you cannot get bored .Discover the most popular places of Corfu .

1.Achilleion Palace is fabulous palace located, on the south part of the island , 10 km of Corfu town. This beautiful palace was built by Empress of Austria Elisabeth in 1890. Sisi built the summer palace and they named the building in honor of mythical hero Achilles. Today the Achilleion Palace has lost nothing of its beauty and has great popularity among tourists.









2.Paleokastritsa beach is located 23 km of Corfu city in the west part of the island. This beach is the most beautiful and popular beach of Corfu . Paleokastritsa is a sandy beach with crystal blue water.







3.The Sea Shell Museum , is located in Benitzes village ,14 km away of Corfu town .There you can find a big collection of sea shells and fish fossils. The Sea Shell Museum is the most popular museum of Corfu.







4.Kassiopi Castle , This is Byzantine Castle located on the Kassiopi vilage , 38 km of Corfu town. This amazing Castle had an important strategic value in the Venetian period . This day the structure of the Castle is in a state of ruin as it was abandoned for lots of time. Kassiopi Castle is thought about of the most magnificent architectural ruins in the Ionian Islands .

corfu-hotel-kassiop- castle





5 Aqualand Water Park . The craziest places of Corfu the best for everyone. In Aqualand you can spend the best time enjoyed in large water slides and water tunnels .

wather park




6.Kanoni and Mouse Island , this is small islet situate situated south of the Palaiopoli peninsula. This is small green island in the sharp of mouse , in the heart of this isled is located 13th century church of Pantokrator.







7.The  Old Fortress in the most famous castle of the island. The Old Castle is situate on a rocky peninsula in the center of Corfu town. The buildings were constructed by the Venetians in 1402-1797. Today we can see the reconstructed castle built by the British much later.






8.Avlaki beach . This is a small beach located 1,5 km of Kassiopi village . This picturesque beach is not besieged by tourists but is the best place for swimming and relaxing .







9.Kouloura harbor and Kouloura beach lies 30 km of Corfu Town in north east part of the Corfu island . Kouloura harbor is beautiful harbor in halfcircle shape where are moored small boats ,the next of this place is located tiny and romantic Kouloura beach.








10.Palace St. Michael & George. This beautiful palace was building 1814-24 and was the residence of Battalion of Saints Michael and George . The Royal Palace (another name )was the second in size in Greece and was one of the most luxury palaces of GREECE . The palace was designed by well-known English architect Sir George Whitmore. Nowadays the Palace is a home of many museums like Museum of Asian Art, the Municipal Art gallery, and Classical Antiquities.



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