Holidays is for us the best time of the year. We forget about all the problems, we spend more time with the family and relax as best we can. For some people holidays is above all relaxation time , for other challenges for new experiences and still others want to explore the world and get to know the cultures. But one thing unites all us , We like beauty. Do you like natural beauty? beautiful interiors and architectural designs? or just have an wonderful time? It would be fantastic if you could find everything  in one amazing place. Initially you have to choose the destination. You have to know  where we can find blue sea to swim, sunbathe on the beautiful beach , explore the unique sights, or maybe experience of the madness of water sports. This place sound exactly like the Corfu island. The second important step to have unforgettable vacations is to choose a suitable hotel, one  that will meet your expectations, that will have the required standards, preferably close to the beach and not far from the city, because you appreciate the peace but you  do not want to be a hermit. If you are planning a family vacation, you must to think about your children. You need to look for a safe and friendly place, and if you are planning a romantic trip for two,  a not so crowdie place maybe a better option, one that offers a picturesque beach with sea views. A place this like this is the four-star Hotel Bella Mare, located just outside the quiet Avlaki beach. Choose our hotel for your vacations and you won’t be disappointed. Corfu Hotel Bella Mare


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